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FrizmWORKS - Edgar N-1 Deck Jacket - Navy

$325.00 USD

This deck jacket is made of solid thick broken twill fabric. In the case of the neckline part and the upper part of the lining, a rich two-tone microfur was installed to give a soft fit. The original N-1 deck jacket was changed to a more trendy silhouette based on the base, and Prismworks' unique details were added to give a neat and casual feel. For the lining, 6oz of filling material was quilted in the shape of a jar, and heavy microfur was placed together to provide a very high level of warmth. The quality of the zippers used was improved by using YKK's products, and for the main button, a military-type button was selected, and the bottom button was installed inside to prevent easy loosening as much as possible. The lower pocket entrance is made of the same material as piping to increase durability. Various details such as a color-coordinated corduroy, a string located at the bottom of the inside, and a hook to fix it have been grafted to increase the usability, and it is a product with a neat silhouette overall, and it is a product that can be worn comfortably with various coordinates. As a carry-over product, the button has been changed to a military type, and the string and the curl of the inner sleeve lip are matched. The lip is made with a military-type double lip so that it can hold the sleeve naturally.
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