Warehouse & Co. Lot 3104 Flannel Shirts (Pattern C) - Green One Wash

$233.00 USD


Warehouse & Co. flannel shirts are made using power looms that are only available in limited areas in Japan. The reason why they use those power looms to make flannel fabric is that they finish the fabric without losing the texture of the uneven yarn. Just like denim, the threads used to weave vintage flannel shirts were uneven threads in those days. If you weave that thread with a strong tension on an innovative loom, it will become a different fabric. Brushing gives the pattern a soft look. 

- Style: Lot 3104 Flannel Shirt
- Fit: Regular fit
- Color: Charcoal
- Material: 100% cotton  
- Woven on old shuttle looms
- Brushed cotton fabric
- Non wash
- Buttoned chest pockets
- Made in Japan

* This is a one-wash product.

[Size 36 (S)] Length (L) - 68 cm Shoulder width (W) - 41 cm Width (C) - 53 cm Sleeve length (S) - 61 cm
[Size 38 (M)] Length (L) - 70cm Shoulder width (W) - 43 cm Width (C) - 55 cm Sleeve length (S) - 62 cm
[Size40 (L)] Length (L)-72cm Shoulder width (W)-45cm Width (C)-57cm Sleeve length (S)-63cm
[Size 42 (XL)] Length (L) - 74cm Shoulder width (W) - 47cm Width (C) - 59cm Sleeve length (S) - 65cm

* (L) Body Length Back, (W) Shoulder Width, (C) Chest, (S) Sleeve Length