Traveler's company Brass Fountain pen

$75.00 USD

It is a fountain pen holder made of brass. Solid brass shines gold at the beginning of use, but as it continues to use, the surface oxidizes and changes to a deeply tasteful color tone. Because the pen tip can be stored in the body, there are also rings to which the cord can be attached at the top, so it can be attached to a bag etc. like a key holder. Easy to carry, it is an item that you can carry with ease anytime and anywhere. Specification of pen tip: thin / F. When fountain pen is stored Body size: Total length 97 mm, Shaft diameter 11 mm. When in use Body size: Total length 139 mm, Shaft diameter 11 mm. Fountain pen size: Total length 75 mm.

About this item

  • [Size] diameter 11 mm x H 102 mm
  • [Nib] steel thin paper
  • writing width: F
  • Midori Brass series