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Snow Peak TAKIBI Weather Cloth Hat 1 - Foliage

$79.96 USD

Brand Snow Peak

A hat that is widely active from the outdoors to the daily life.

"TAKIBI Weather Cloth" is a high flame-retardant functional wear series that requires both high function and comfortable wearing feeling. The material is a weather cloth fabric made of 100% lightweight "CONEX NEO" woven with high density. From early spring to early summer, we have a lineup of items that have improved the specifications, designs, and performance necessary for the camping scene that can be used when there is a temperature difference between day and night. There are two colors, black and folidge. This is a hat that takes advantage of the excellent flame-retardant and lightweight and tough characteristics of the fabric, and incorporates a design that blends into the city and the functions necessary for outdoor activities. The classic logo of one-point embroidery on the side summarizes the color of the fabric and the thread in the same color. The chrysanthemum hole of the main body ensures breathability, and the back of the hat is used to reduce the stuffiness in the hat and achieve dry comfort. The brim is short, and the design that is easy to put into the daily scene is also a point. You can use it widely not only for outdoor use but also for everyday use. This series has a lineup of items that can be worn by both men and women, and this is available in 2 sizes.

Sheer feeling: None
Lining: Yes (mesh)
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: Normal

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