Porter-Yoshida & Co. Tanker 2Way Helmet Bag - Black

$630.00 USD

This is the "TANKER" series, which is synonymous with PORTER and was announced in 1983.

It uses an original 3-layer fabric developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1". The 3-layer fabric of nylon twill (front) + polyester cotton (middle layer) + nylon taffeta (back) is very light, and the soft feel of the bonded material and the bright rescue orange on the back are attractive. This series is filled with the meticulous attention to detail of Yoshida bag craftsmen in every step of the process, from cutting to sewing and parts.

It comes in three colors: black, sage green, and iron blue, and the back is a bright rescue orange. In addition, aluminum zippers, which were rare at the time of the product's release, are used, and the paint on metal fittings such as snap buttons and eggplant rings is deliberately made to peel off so that they will show signs of aging as they are used.

This is a 2WAY helmet bag, which is one of the typical military bags. The gusset is thin when you don't have anything in it, but the bottom gusset expands when you put something in it, so it has more storage capacity than it looks. It is also equipped with a large front pocket with a gusset that can store various items, making it highly functional and has a high storage capacity.

Number of pockets
Exterior: 2 Interior: 4
* All models come with original pouch.
  • Black nylon
  • Two top handles, detachable shoulder strap
  • Front snap and Velcro®-fastening pockets, back zipped pocket, appliquéd designer emblem
  • Internal zipped and Velcro®-fastening pockets
  • Snap fastening
  • This bag has a capacity of approximately 10 litres
  • Made in Japan

size: W:480mm/H:520mm/D:0mm

weight: 495g

material Front: Nylon twill
(Polyester cotton bonding processing)
Lining: nylon taffeta