Paraboot Men's Michael / Marche II - Lis Wine

$635.00 USD


Manufactured in France for over 100 years, Paraboot is the premier, long lasting walking shoe. Simultaneously discovering boots and latex during a visit to the Americas, Remy Richard-Ponvert, the founder of Paraboot, got the idea of combining the two to make quality footwear. Paraboot today is one of the most trusted and sworn by shoe brands the world over. 

A classic Paraboot style, this mocc-toe shoe was designed in 1945 and features Norwegian welted construction, two eyelet lacing, a leather lining and a robust rubber sole.

  • Made in the France
  • All leather upper
  • Blind eyelets
  • Mocc toe
  • Norwegian welted construction
  • Leather lining 

Please note this model is notated in EU size. We recommend sizing down by one full size to achieve proper fit for standard US size.

***Please note these may appear dusty upon arrival. During the tanning process, the leather is impregnated with tannins, waxes, oils and fats. These ingredients help give the leather its strength and resilience while also helping it to resist water, a valuable property to have when trekking through the trails and streets. These fats will often rise to the surface of the leather in a process known as ‘blooming’ and is a sign of the leather’s health. The fats will buff out with a few swipes of a shoe brush or leaving them in the sunlight for a few minutes in order to melt the wax and absorb into the leather.