$12.99 USD

This sleek multipurpose keychain features a bottle opener, carabiner clip, and three MicroLink mini carabiners, allowing you to clip keys, carry them securely, and open bottles anywhere.

Product Information

The Z-Rack Keychain Bottle Opener provides a streamlined, small-scale way to carry keys while keeping an opener close at hand. Its strong stainless steel body is built to withstand daily wear and tear and features a bottle opener and carabiner clip up top for easy attachment to a belt loop, bag strap, and more. On the other end, three MicroLink Carabiners hang securely from an interior hole. Simply clip any key, fob, or accessory with its own split ring (even those micro split rings) onto a MicroLink and it’s instantly secured. With its novel gate design and narrow opening, the gates will not open wide enough for a key to slip off unnoticed. And yet, when it’s time to remove or swap out a key, a little push on the gate is all it takes to free it.


  • Stainless steel keychain with 3 attached MicroLink Carabiners
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Carabiner gate clips onto belt loop, backpack, or bag strap
  • Narrow opening + gate design on MicroLinks prevent key loss
  • Secure stainless steel wire gate closures
  • Easily attach, remove, and secure keys