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Needles H.D. Pant - Black - 6oz Denim

$221.00 USD

Brand Needles

The popular H.D. pants, which feature a unique silhouette with a large bulge in the front due to a unique pattern, are back in stock. It has a relaxed silhouette and an open feel that makes it attractive to wear. Made of a very light 6oz denim material, it is a piece that can be used in a wide range of seasons.

XS: Waist 70cm / Total length 103cm / Hem width 30cm
S: Waist 75cm / Total length 105cm / Hem width 31cm
M: Waist 80cm / Total length 107cm / Hem width 32cm
L: Waist 85cm / Total length 109cm / Hem width 33cm
1: Waist 73cm / Total length 99cm / Hem width 30cm
2: Waist 76cm / Total length 100cm / Hem width 31cm

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

For any measurements or sizing information please contact