Needles- Cabana Shirt - R/N Bright Cloth / Cross- Blue Grey

$144.00 USD $288.00 USD
By Needles

A classic cabana shirt for spring and summer, featuring an open collar, large front buttons that give off a relaxed feel, and slightly longer sleeves. It has a roomy box-shaped silhouette, and the overall finish gives it a refreshing feel similar to resort wear. This season, unique fabrics with a unique elasticity and a continuous cross pattern are being produced.
XS) Length 68cm Width 54cm Shoulder width 44cm Sleeve length 51.5cm
S) Length 70cm Width 56.5cm Shoulder width 46cm Sleeve length 53.5cm
M) Length 72cm Width 59cm Shoulder width 48cm Sleeve length 55.5cm
L) Length 74cm Width 61.5cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 57.5cm
XL) Length 76cm Width 64cm Shoulder width 52cm Sleeve length 59.5cm

Materials: 80% RAYON 20% NYLON Country of Origin: Japan