Kapital #8 Canvas MILLION-DOLLAR Boston Bag - Tricolor

$679.00 USD
By Kapital

Big size Boston BAG made from No. 8 canvas. An impressive piece with the vintage-like "KAPITAL KOUNTRY" logo and large star-shaped patches sewn on both sides and the bottom. It has a cylindrical shape with handles on both sides and the top, and a removable shoulder strap.

*This product uses natural leather. Please be aware that moisture from friction, sweat, etc. may transfer the stain to your clothing.
*This product has been processed as a used item. Any tears or damage caused by processing are intentional in the design and are not product defects.
*Due to the nature of the design, this product has been partially cut off. There may be some loose threads in the fibers, but this is the intention of the design and is not a product defect.

100% cotton


Made in Japan

size Vertical side Diameter Vertical Diameter horizontal
One size 101cm 85cm 31cm 35cm