Kapital 60/40 Cloth BUG Anorak (1Tone) - Khaki

$747.00 USD
By Kapital

60/40 cross-tailored anorac with mesh material switching between the front and sides of the hood. The design features a zippered hood that can be completely closed. It is a wide size item that you can enjoy various silhouettes with the adjuster of the collar and hem.

※This product is embroidered on the fabric. Please be careful when handling the embroidery part as the embroidery part may be damaged due to friction, hooks, etc.
※This product uses delicate fabric. Please be careful when wearing it as it may cause fraying due to scratches.

Outer material, cotton, 60% nylon, 40%
Mesh part 100% polyester

size Length of clothing Sleeve length (including cuffs) chest circumference Hem cuffs neck smug
size1 75cm 91cm 180cm 159cm 14.5cm 62cm
size3 78cm 95cm 190cm 169cm 15.5cm 64cm