Kapital 5G Cotton Knit RUGGER Shirt - Sax x Red

$662.00 USD
By Kapital

Lager shirt with thick striped border. Second-hand processing was applied to the rough knitted fabric to reproduce the used feeling of tearing and fraying. The fine silhouette can be adjusted with the adjuster at the hem.

※This product is used processing. The tear and damage caused by processing is the intention of the design, not the product defect. In addition, it expresses changes due to changes over time, so you may see a weakness in the fabric, etc.
※This product is a rough knitted fabric. Please be careful of scratching and fraying when wearing it.

Cotton 70% Acrylic 30%
Separate fabric 100% cotton
size Length Shoulder width Chest hem Sleeve length Cuff Neck
size1 68cm 52cm 120cm 120cm 60cm 8.5cm 42cm
size3 74cm 57cm 136cm 136cm 64cm 9cm 43cm