FrizmWorks Jungle Cloth Field Cargo Pants - Black

$108.75 USD $217.50 USD


This is a development of M65 field pants from the U.S. Army. A strong biostone washing process was performed on high-density jungle cloth fabric to add a vintage mood and create a hard but not rough fabric. In addition, triple stitches and double stitches are used in appropriate areas with thick sewing thread to increase durability and make it look tough at the same time. The iconic hand pocket flap of the M65 field pants is designed and developed with a fake flap for convenience, and the cargo pocket for ample storage is still in place. Patches were applied to the knees to increase durability, and jaws and small pockets were placed under them. A simple size-adjustable device is placed at the waist, and the silhouette is adjusted with a string at the bottom and various styles are possible.