FrizmWorks OG Regular Denim Pants - Black

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The Original Garments® line is made from AMC (Atlantic Mills Co) denim fabric. As a brand that first started in Ireland, it is a company that makes high-quality denim. We supply 2 million meters of denim to the world every year, and we are committed to developing new materials while adhering to the traditional method using a loom. For denim pants, 12oz denim containing 1% Lycra was selected. It has a thickness that can be used in all four seasons and gives a comfortable feeling of wearing. All sewing is made with 100% cotton core yarn so that it can be washed or faded naturally over time. In the case of the waist and the bottom of the pants, chain stitches using Union Special 43200G are added to the unique wavy pattern seen during washing. made it visible. In the case of subsidiary materials, YKK's zippers are used to enhance durability, and the part with overlock finish on the inside of the denim is made of white fabric with a neat piping finish, so even the places that cannot be seen are considered. Lycra is a spandex yarn developed by DuPont in the United States, and has the advantage of better elasticity and better recovery than commonly used polyurethane. With an appropriate ratio of 1%, you can feel the firmness and softness of the fabric made of 100% cotton at the same time. This product is manufactured based on a regular fit, and it is a good product to naturally match any outfit with a neatly falling length without being loose. Indigo / Light Blue / Washed Black / Black There are 4 colors, each color has a different degree of shrinkage during the washing process, so please refer to the actual measurement before purchasing. (The recommended size is the same.)