Beams Boy O.Li Norfolk JKT - Black

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BEAMS BOY / Linen Norfolk Jacket

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■ Design
An item originating in England, it is made by arranging the Norfolk jacket used in the hunting scene in the <BEAMS BOY> style. 

■ Detail
The line of fabric applied to the shoulders is intended to increase strength so that it can withstand the friction of hanging guns from the shoulders during hunting, and the waist belt is a detail for lowering the prey that has been caught.

■ size
A feeling of unhurried size.

■ Material
I use a canvas material using the French linen. The washer processing gives it a supple and moderately relaxed texture.
Body: 100% hemp; Piping portion: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Thickness of the fabric: Slightly thin Translucency: Slightly elastic Elasticity: None Glossy: None Lining: None

0 : Length 63/Shoulder Width 45/Width 53/Sleeve Length 55
1 : Length 64.5 / Shoulder width 46 / Width 55 / Sleeve length 56