Kapital IDG Patchwork BORO Aloha - Indigo

$679.00 USD
By Kapital

Aloha shirt made with the original fabric "BORO" that reproduces the 襤� with KAPITAL's processing technology. Comfortable and relaxed sizing. The base patchwork fabric based on the blue peeking out from the processing part is accented.

※There are individual differences due to the remake item.
※This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing etc. due to wearing.
※This product is second-hand processed. The tear and damage caused by processing is the intention of the design, not a product defect. We reproduce the changes due to aging, so you may see a weakness in the fabric, etc.
※This product has been partially cut off. There may be fraying of the thread in the fiber part, but it is the intention of the design and it is not a product defect.

Hemp 60% Cotton 40%
size Length of clothing shoulder width chest circumference Hem Sleeve length cuffs neck smug
size3 72cm 48cm 116cm 116cm 25cm 19.5cm 42cm
size4 74cm 50cm 120cm 120cm 26cm 20cm 43cm
size5 76cm 52cm 124cm 124cm 27cm 20.5cm 44cm