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Wild Things Men's Tactical Rip Fastening Pants - Taupe

$121.00 USD

Introducing FASTENING PANTS from the 20FW TACTICAL RIP series. The material is DICROSS mauri, the first woven fabric. By weaving polyester at high density instead of coating or laminating, it maintains a high level of water repellency, and is lightweight and has a soft and smooth texture like washed cotton. The point is the military fastener design. By using DICROSS as the material, the profound feeling of military pants is removed, and the pants are full of functional gimmicks for town use. The straight silhouette has a velcro hem that allows you to adjust the hem width. We also recommend wearing a set with a coat of the same material.


 Size M L XL
Waist 30"-33" 33"-36"


Thigh 12.5" 12.75"


Inseam 27" 28"


38" 39'


Hem 9" 9" 9.5"

Material: 100% polyester

For any measurements or sizing information please contact