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South2 West8 String Sweat Pant Cotton Jersey / Skull&Target Jq. - H.Grey

$113.00 USD

Sweat pants with many three-dimensional pockets with excellent storage capacity. It is a new item that has both stress-free and easy-to-wear comfort and high functionality. Made of breathable and stretchy polyester jersey, it can be worn comfortably even in hot weather. The original camouflage pattern with the motif of deer horn is an impactful finish.
* The product image is a sample, so the pattern may differ slightly from the actual product. Please note.

100% cotton
made in Japan
XS) Waist 70-84cm / Rise 36.5cm / Inseam 69.5cm / Hem width 12-18cm

S) Waist 75-91 cm / Rise 38 cm / Inseam 71 cm / Hem width 14-20 cm
M) Waist 82-98cm / Rise 39.5cm / Inseam 75.5cm / Hem width 15-22cm
L) Waist 84 ~ 105cm / Rise 40.5cm / Inseam 76.5cm / Hem width 16 ~ 24cm

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