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Snow Peak - UCCP Quilting Jacket - Olive

$344.95 USD

Brand Snow Peak
"UCCP Quilting" is a winter clothing series that arranges old-fashioned analog workwear in a modern way. Inspired by the traditional Japanese winter coat, the hanten, patchwork quilting is applied to express the appearance of being patched together. Winter clothing from Snow Peak that uses sustainable raw materials and sustainable dyeing methods. There are two types of items, a coat and a jacket, and the color lineup is chic black and olive. A wide range of 5 sizes are available for unisex wear. This is a contemporary hanten jacket made under Snow Peak's interpretation of the image of the entire series. The front has a button specification that hooks the hole, and has been reborn for town use. The body and sleeves have different quilting patterns on the left and right, and the design subtly changes the expression depending on the viewing angle. The cuffs can be rolled up roughly, and there are side pockets for easy access. In addition to a rough T-shirt or high-necked pullover, it is also stylish when layered with a hoodie. You can make a difference with the original way of incorporating.
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