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Snow Peak - OG Canvas NORAGI Pants - Indigo

$300.00 USD

Brand Snow Peak
A popular series that updates the traditional Japanese work wear "Noragi" to modern specifications. The fabric and design have been updated so that it can be worn as camping wear, and it has become a standard item of the new Snow Peak apparel. The fabric uses a characteristic organic cotton thread, and by using a particularly long and uneven thread, the fabric has a rich expression. In addition, by weaving the weave as densely as possible, it has a firm firmness and elasticity.
The OG Canvas NORAGI Pants are designed with the image of a monpe (mountain skirt) that can be worn for camping. In terms of specifications, it is tailored with a durable double chain stitch, and the concept is to follow the clothing culture built by our predecessors without using buttons or metal attachments, and update it to a modern age. Organic cotton is used for the cotton, and the more you wear it, the better the texture, and the more you get used to it, the more you can wear it for a long time. Snow peak name embroidery like hand embroidery is also a point.
*The image of the item being worn is a sample. The position of the logo has been changed from the front to the bottom of the back right pocket.
■Model height 177cm ALL/wearing size L
For any measurements or sizing information please contact