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Snow Peak Printed Breathable Quick Dry Hat 2 - Khaki

$69.96 USD

Brand Snow Peak

It's light, soft, and convenient to carry. A must-have outdoor hat for summer.

"Quick Dry" is a series that represents Snow Peak, which is popular from early summer with high breathability and water absorption and quick drying. We use environmentally friendly materials that are woven with Toray "&+" of plastic bottle raw materials as warp yarn and "Prime Flex" using 50% recycled raw materials into weft yarn. In order to ensure breathability, which is the weak point of the fabric, a ventilation outlet is installed in the fabric with post-processing by Toray's special technology to achieve high breathability. Lightweight feeling and water-absorbing quick-drying function are also added, and the comfort is further improved. The fabric is wrinkled, and the look like Panama material is attractive. The camouflage pattern is available in two chic colors, khaki and gray. We have a wide variety of items from clothing to accessories. It is an indispensable hat for the summer outdoor scene. It is an item that makes the most of the characteristics of the material, and the inside uses Binkawa with water absorption and quick drying properties. The three-dimensional structure of panel switching fits neatly on the head, and a lightweight adjuster for size adjustment is also installed in trimming. We have prepared two sizes that can be used in unisex. It is ideal for one point of simple styling.

Sheer feeling: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: Somewhat
Glossiness: Slightly
Fabric thickness: thin

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