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Snow Peak Knit Flight Cap One Black - Black

$70.00 USD

Brand Snow Peak

A fresh flight cap with a hard impression has appeared. Easy to arrange for daily use.

Snow Peak proposes a new flight cap, a knitted hat with earmuffs.
It is made of 100% wool and warm, and is the best item for camping and travel scenes in the autumn and winter season. The cap body and the earmuff part are simple Tenjiku knitting, and the folding part is ribbed, so you can enjoy the contrast. The top gives a three-dimensional feeling by switching, and finishes with a beautiful form. You can hang the earmuffs as they are, or fasten the button under the chin to protect your ears from the cold, and you can fasten it with the top when you don't need it, or you can put it inside while getting a little volume. One point asterisks are embroidered.
There are three basic colors, black, gray, and brown. It is a one-size range that can be adopted as unisex.

Sheerness: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: Slightly
Gloss: None
Fabric thickness: Normal

Size One
vertical width 19
width 26
Wearing size (around the head) 56cm to 63cm


Specifications of Knit Flight Cap One Black

  1. Specifications

    <Material> 100% Wool 

For any measurements or sizing information please contact