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Snow Peak Grid Fleece Dress - Forestgreen

$109.98 USD

Brand Snow Peak
The large front pocket is a lovely accent.

Snow Peak's "Grid fleece" series is made with active scenes in mind, keeping you warm when you're at rest and breathable and comfortable when you're in motion. We use a material that is lightweight yet retains heat with excellent elasticity. The uneven lattice panel creates a layer of air in the convex lines, achieving both heat retention and breathability. 100% recycled polyester and eco-friendly material. There are a total of 4 types of items: unisex jackets, vests, neck warmers, and women's dresses. The lineup includes three colors, black, gray, and forest green, and the clothing comes in a wide range of sizes. A camisole dress with a large zippered kangaroo pocket that can also be used as a warm pocket. The narrow silhouette adds a mature look, and the deep back slit makes it easy to move your legs. The wide shoulder straps come with adjustment buttons for smooth putting on and taking off. It is also a point that there is a mini pocket on the inside where you can put a warmer. In winter, when you combine patterned leggings and voluminous socks, you can look more stylish when you look through the back slit or hem. You can also change the image of your styling by layering tops on the inner layer.

Translucency: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: normal

■ Model height 163cm/wearing size 2
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