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Snow Peak Breathable Quick Dry Dress - Ash

$109.98 USD

Brand Snow Peak

Snow Peak's classic "Breathable Quick Dry" series, which is popular from early summer to season. We use Toray "&+" with 50% plastic bottle raw materials for warp yarn, and "Primeflex®", an environmentally friendly material with 50% recycled raw materials for weft yarn. In order to ensure breathability, which is a weak point of fabric materials, Toray's patented technology provides vents for post-processing vents on the fabric to achieve high breathability. The surface is wrinkled and looks like Panama material. It also has water absorption and quick drying, and it is comfortable to wear even in hot weather. This is a short-sleeved dress with a volume but surprisingly lightness. By making it long, it has a sense of security, and it is easy for adult women to adopt. The back is separate and the wind is out, so it also plays the role of ventilation. If you pull the draw cord on the front, the point is that the waist fits neatly. Available in two colors, black and asphalt. We have 4 sizes.

Sheer: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: Yes
Glossiness: Yes
Fabric thickness: thin

*The values ​​below are in cm.

size 1 2 3 Four
Width 55.4 57.7 60.2 62.7
Total Length 124.5 128.6 132.7 136.8
shoulder width 50.2 51.7 53.2 54.7
waist width 56.5 59 61.5 64
sleeve length 39.8 41.6 43.3 45
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