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Post O'alls E-Z ARMY-NAVY Pants 2 : 8oz. denim indigo

$258.00 USD

The base for the #3313 E-Z ARMY NAVY Pants 2, which is the ARMY-NAVY Pants (released around 2008), a fusion of the first pants made by Post O’Alls in 1993, the #1301 ARMY pants and the #1304 NAVY Pants (released the following year in 1994) with wrapped leg (no outseam) specification. For 2017 F/W, a belt-buckle added R version was released. The 2022 S/S #3307 E-Z ARMY-NAVY Pants is a modified version where the waist is altered to an E-Z (elastic waist) specification. This second version has a single pocket in the back for an additional vintage feel made in mind for the spring/summer seasons. It's characterized by its highly enveloping/swaddling mood.

quality : 100% cotton

Prewashed, Tumble Dried in low temperature

made in Japan

size waist (ウエスト) rise (股上) inseam (股下) hem width (裾幅)
S 82.5cm (±8cm) 31cm 71cm 22cm
M 87.5cm (±8cm) 31.5cm 71cm 23cm
L 92.5cm (±8cm) 32cm 71cm 24cm
XL 97.5cm (±8cm) 32.5cm 71cm 25cm

※Prewash。(Unwashed specs)

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