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Brand Karhu

Shinrin Yoku, or “Forest Bathing”, is the  Japanese practice of spending quality time in nature for the purpose of meditation or  healing. By disconnecting from the busy world around you and bathing in the atmosphere  of the forest, just being present and experiencing all the environment has to offer through  each of the five senses, Shinrin Yoku benefits both mind and body. In an age of constant  stress from work, media, and being always available, this simple exercise has become an  effective form of self-care and a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. 

Karhu recognizes the restorative power of the forest and the importance of preserving  natural spaces for future generations. Therefore, this latest release was designed with  an eye toward sustainability. The midsole of each pair is partially constructed from cork,  which can be harvested without cutting down trees and creates less waste during the shoe  manufacturing process. Further, Karhu has partnered with German non-profit organization,  PLANT-MY-TREE®, to fund the planting of new forests. For more information, visit: https://

The Shinrin Yoku pack features two different versions of the Fusion 2.0. Inspired  by the beauty of the forest, both colourways invoke imagery of trees, leaves, resin,  roots, bark, flowers, berries, and herbs and include custom moss print insoles.

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