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Karhu Aria 95 “COLOUR OF MOOD” PACK 2 - Oil Blue/Misty Rose

$135.00 USD

Brand Karhu


With a passionate colour design team at Karhu, you can imagine that all aspects of colour and the way they work together are carefully considered. The play between warm and cool colour tones is a fundamental distinction and can make or break a colour combination, which is why it’s so important to pick the colours carefully. The choice of colour also tells a lot about what you want to convey.

For the second part of the pack, we updated the colour palette with light pink, blue and earth tones to create a softer feeling and emphasise the calm and relaxed side of the colour spectrum.

We are proud to present to you the “Colour Of Mood” Pack 2, a project that came full circle in collaboration with talented photographer Justine Leenarts and stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand, who carefully picked apparel pieces complementing the colour palette of the shoes.

Karhu is launching the “Colour Of Mood” Pack 2 on Friday the 18th of September at select retailers worldwide, KARHU.COM and the Karhu Store in Helsinki.


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