Kapital Smooth Jersey STANT MAN & WOMAN Track Pants - Light Brown - (EK-1398)

$423.00 USD
By Kapital


Track pants with impressive vivid coloring and star-patterned side tape. A clean flared silhouette with a waist cord stop type. It uses a smooth jersey with a smooth feel and a zipper is attached to both hems.

100% polyester

Separate fabric 100% cotton

Size Waist Hips Width
股上 股下
size1 70 ~ 81cm 100cm 31cm 33cm 31cm 72cm
size2 72 ~ 82cm 102cm 32cm 37cm 29cm 73cm
size3 75 ~ 86cm 106cm 33cm 38cm 30cm 73cm
size4 78 ~ 90cm 110cm 34cm 39cm 31cm 75cm