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Kapital Shirt Chino TIGER JUDDBHAN Shirt (NORAGI Remake) - Beige

$594.00 USD

Brand Kapital
A country remake shirt with the image of stray clothes, one of the Japanese workwear. Using shirt chino material with a simple texture. The part of the half collar is combined with a different fabric from corduroy, and by adding damage, it is finished in a design that feels antique atmosphere and warmth.

※This product is second-hand processed. The tear and damage caused by processing is the intention of the design, not a product defect. In addition, we reproduce the changes due to aging, so we may see a weakness in the fabric, etc.
※This product has been partially cut off. There may be fraying of the thread in the fiber part, but it is the intention of the design and it is not a product defect.

Cotton 98% Rayon 1% Polyester 1%
size Length of clothing Sleeve length (including cuffs) chest circumference Hem cuffs
size2 75cm 86cm 119cm 136cm 11.5cm
size3 77cm 89cm 123cm 140cm 12cm
size4 79cm 92cm 127cm 144cm 12.5cm
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