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Kapital Napping Heat Call Hospital JKT - Grey

$525.00 USD

Brand Kapital
Hospital jacket made from corduroy fabric. The knapping process has been applied to express the texture of aging. Because it is brushed on both sides, it is warm and has excellent heat retention.

*This product has been processed as a used item. Any tears or damage caused by processing are intentional in the design and are not product defects. In addition, as this represents changes due to aging, there may be signs of weakness in the fabric etc.
*This product uses natural leather. Please note that moisture such as friction and sweat may cause staining to transfer to clothing.
*This product uses natural materials, and we value the characteristics and unique texture of the materials. Therefore, there may be slight variations in expression and size. If you wash or wear the item repeatedly, you may notice twisting, distortion, expansion and contraction, etc. Please note that storing in direct sunlight or in high temperature and humidity may cause shrinkage and fading.

100% cotton
size Length shoulder width chest circumference hem Sleeve Length cuff neckline
size2 69cm 44cm 111cm 120cm 64cm 15.5cm 44cm
size3 71cm 46cm 115cm 124cm 66cm 16cm 45cm
size4 73cm 48cm 119cm 128cm 68cm 16.5cm 46cm
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