Kapital 10oz Hickory Painterport Buggy Pants (Champetor Remake) - HIC (K2403LP101)

$764.00 USD
By Kapital


 Buggy pants with remakes like vintage items everywhere. Using refreshing hickory fabric. A voluminous wide silhouette. It is a painter design with patch pockets and loops.

※This product uses IDG dye. The color may adhere to other clothing, etc. due to wearing.
※This product is processed for second-hand. The tear and damage caused by processing is the intention of the design, not the product defect. It expresses changes due to changes over time, so you may see weaknesses in the fabric, etc.
※Due to the characteristics of the design, this product is partially cut and cut. There are cases where the thread is frayed in the fiber part, but it is the intention of the design and it is not a product defect.

Cotton 100%
size West Hip Watari Rise hem Inseam
size1 76cm 97cm 36cm 42cm 27cm 66cm
size2 80cm 101cm 37cm 43cm 28cm 68cm
size3 84cm 105cm 38cm 44cm 29cm 70cm
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