Izipizi Sunglasses #F Soft Grey Lenses - Blue Tortoise

$70.00 USD

The #F is one of the “panto” models, the same iconic shape found in the #D, #A, #H and more recently the #M. However, this version is foldable, meaning you can take it with you everywhere, in your pocket, bag or suitcase.

The #F has its own unique profile and character, with curves similar to our aviators. The profile and dimensions are all designed to stand out on every face shape while offering maximum durability.

Made from G850, our flexible and ultra-resistant biosourced material, all hinges are attached with rivets in the same material, making them more environmentally friendly and durable. Nomad glasses go with you everywhere!

#F SUN - Sunglasses Blue Tortoise

The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are dangerous even in cloudy weather as no more than 10% are absorbed by clouds.



Cat. 3 sunglasses
Ultraviolet (UV) rays damage eye cells, leading to illnesses of varying seriousness. SUN sunglasses with 100% UV, category 3 lenses protect from glare and filter 100% of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Flexible arms
Flexible, comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes

Biosourced frames
The #F frames are made with our castor oil-based biosourced material, G850.


Sunglasses - #F SUN Blue Tortoise: optimum protection with our 100% UV, category 3 sunglasses.
With its original and fashionable design, flexible arms and rubber texture, the #SUN collection offers quality, style and light-weight comfort.
The #F shape: these light, folding pocket sunglasses are ideal for every place, every game.
Our #SUN collection is available at very affordable prices. So why not collect all the models and adapt them to your style or mood every day.
#SUN sunglasses: the fashion must-have that’s got the IZIPIZI community talking!


This model complies with the European standards for non-prescription glasses (NF EN 14139) and with the international standards for sunglasses (ISO 12312-1).