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FrizmWorks P44 HBT Monkey Pants - Olive

$215.00 USD

This is a reinterpretation of the P44 Monkey Pants of the U.S. Marine Corps.I emphasized the military mood using the firm, shapely 20 thread herringbone twill cotton fabric.It is relatively comfortable to wear with a relaxed silhouette, and a shallow chin is added to the front to complement the wearing sensation and aesthetics.The unique original cargo pockets have been adjusted to suit modern life.You can adjust the silhouette using the nasal tone at the bottom, create various looks, and adjust the size easily using the nasal tone at the waist.It is a product with a strong military mood, but it can be used in various ways depending on the style.

Size Waist Inseam Thigh Rise Leg Opening Full Lenght
M 30" 29.5" 13" 11" 8" 42"
L 32" 29.5" 14" 11" 8.5" 42"
XL 34" 30" 15" 12" 9" 43"
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