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Formulary 55 Sparkling Bath Tablet - Sweet Pea & Clover

$ 6.00

A delicate floral fragrance, very soft and feminine, with a bit of berry and green clover added to the mix.

Formulary 55 bath fizzies are fun like bubble bath, but much better for your skin as there are no drying foaming agents added.  Made with only non-GMO cornstarch.

Formulary 55 sparkling bath fizzies are made of ground dead sea salts mixed with their signature fragrance blends. When placed in a full tub of water, the tablet fizzes and distributes the fragrance and skin soothing oils throughout the water. They recommend one tablet per bath, although you can break each one up.

Ingredients: ground dead sea salts, epsom salts, baking soda, non gmo-cornstarch, citric acid, almond oil, essential oils