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Engineered Garments Cardigan Jacket - Khaki Olive Leaf Print Cotton Poplin

$210.00 USD

The Cardigan Jacket is emblematic of the many jackets and outerwear garments manufactured by the great American outdoors companies of the 20th century. Look closely and you may be able to sense an air of L.L. Bean or Orvis. But it was perhaps Willis and Geiger Outfitters - the legendary American manufacturers of expeditionary garments - that had the most impact on Engineered Garments’ Daiki Suzuki during the design process of the Cardigan Jacket. 

Known for mixing military-influenced design with tech-specs able to weather the rugged outdoors, the signature Willis and Geiger designs spurred Daiki to create a version of his own. In this spirit, the Cardigan Jacket and the Explorer Shirt Jacket (we’ll discuss the latter in a future entry) were created. 

The four roomy patch pockets allow plenty of storage space. Simply constructed, these utilitarian pockets lie flat against the jacket while not in use. Equally essential is the lack of a collar, providing versatility in wear. The Cardigan Jacket may be worn underneath a jacket just as easily as over one. This allows the user to dress up or down as they see fit. 

One of the few embellishments is the binocular strap across the front of the jacket - an essential for any explorer. Available in a multitude of fabrics of varying weight, this item is suitable for both the summer and winter. 


100% Cotton. Made in USA

*Measurments in inches
Cardigan Jacket (X-SMALL) 25 46 1/2 48 3/8 20 21 1/4 31 1/4 5 1/2
Cardigan Jacket (SMALL) 26 48 1/2 50 3/8 20 1/2 23 1/8 33 3/8 5 3/4
Cardigan Jacket (MEDIUM) 27 50 1/2 52 3/8 21 24 34 1/2 6
Cardigan Jacket (LARGE) 27 3/4 52 1/2 54 3/8 21 1/2 24 7/8 35 5/8 6 1/4
Cardigan Jacket (X-LARGE) 28 1/2 55 56 7/8 22 1/8 25 3/4 36 7/8 6 1/2
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