Yamato Indigo Dye - 30g

$38.00 USD

Yamato Indigo is a Japanese natural-blend indigo powder dye. Easy to use, Yamato Indigo only needs water; no heating or fermentation is necessary. It dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, and washi paper, into a vibrant, beautiful “Japan Blue.” 

Yamato Indigo comes in the form of a powder consisting of extracts from indigo plants, synthetic indigo, alkaline agent, and reducing agent. By mixing it with water, it instantly becomes ready to dip and use as a dye.

This indigo dye is the best choice for absolute beginners, workshop teachers, and professional dyers. 

10g pack makes 2 to 3 liter vat
Good to dye small items such as napkins and bandanas. 

30g pack makes 6 to 10 liter vat
Good to dye medium items such as T-shirts, canvas totes and pillow cases. 

50g pack makes 10 to 17 liter vat
Good to dye medium to large items such as long sleeve shirts, cotton pants, sneakers or lots of small items for workshops. 

*1 liter = 1.05 quart

The package comes with instruction sheet. For more information, please check How to Use Yamato Indigo, and Frequently Asked Questions.