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Beams Plus Slab Knit Polo Cotton Linen - Black

$194.00 USD

Item description
Smooth touch like spring and summer
A knit polo shirt with a unique texture and a line on the collar and hem.

Adopt a basic and timeless pattern. It is a fitting that is active not only for wearing in one piece, but also for layered style.

Using a blended yarn of lamy and cotton with a crisp feeling and elasticity. The smooth and dry touch is attractive.

■Care method
Dry cleaning only ※Please consult the cleaning shop
(For details, please see the quality label attached to the product.)

Model:H 177cm W 68kg Size:M

※Depending on the degree of light due to the shooting environment and the browsing environment such as a personal computer, it may look different from the actual color tone. Please be forewarned. For the color tone of the product, please refer to the image taken with the white background product alone.

Material :

Body: Lamy 54% Cotton 46% Collar part: Ramie 48% Cotton 42% Nylon 10% Rib part: Lamie 50% Cotton 43% Nylon 7%

S : Length 64.5/Shoulder width 43.5/Width 49.5/Sovel length 60.5
M : Length 67/Shoulder width 45/Width 50.5/Soll length 61
L : Length 70.5/Shoulder width 47/Width 53.5/Sovel length 62
XL : Length 71.5/Shoulder width 47.5/Width 54/Soovel length 63


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