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Beams Boy O.Mil Side/R NS - Olive

$240.00 USD $120.00 USD

Brand Beams Boy

BEAMS BOY / Military side ribbon sleeveless dress

Military dress that can be worn all season

■ Design
Introducing a new military dress featuring side ribbons. The boldly open side design allows you to enjoy layering like a long vest. A simple dress or casual outfit that will look gorgeous just by adding it.

■ size
Loose silhouette overall. Width can be adjusted with side ribbons.

■ Material
Despite being 100% nylon, the fabric has a matte, cotton-like texture. Because of the nylon material, it is very light and dry, giving you a comfortable fit. It has a natural wrinkle feeling due to moderate washer processing, so wrinkles from wearing and washing are less noticeable and easy to care for.

■ Care method
Washable. Please wash with clothes of similar colors. 


FREE : Total length 118/Width 65.5


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