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Beams Boy O.Logo Pri SS - Charcoal Grey

$95.00 USD $47.50 USD

Brand Beams Boy

BEAMS BOY / Logo print T-shirt

T-shirts that were very popular in the spring and summer of 2022 will appear again this year. I printed a logo about the outdoors, which is indispensable for this season's theme. There is no doubt that it will be the protagonist of the coordination, and the impactful design is attractive.

In addition to simply matching pants, we also recommend a layered style that shows the logo from shirts and jackets and makes use of the sheer feeling of the fabric.

The point is the bold print on the front and back and the thick ribs on the packed neck.

A spacious one size. It's the length of the sleeve that completely hides the upper arm.

A fabric made in Japan that exquisitely combines the elasticity created by using slightly twisted yarn and the soft texture unique to micro-type polyester and the feeling of nep. It has a moderate sheer feeling, and the point is that it is good to be away from the skin.
Body: 67% polyester, 33% cotton, rib part: 100% cotton
Fabric thickness: Slightly thin
Transparency: Yes
Elasticity: Somewhat
Glossiness: Somewhat
Lining: None

FREE : Length 70/Shoulder width 48/Width 50/Sle Sleeve length 19

Made in Japan.

For any measurements or sizing information please contact