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Warehouse Lot 4084 Short Sleeve SW HAWAII ALOHA - Light Yellow

$108.00 USD

Short-sleeved sweatshirt that can be said to have been created by the American climate. It was originally for warm-up athletic wear, so it was worn in just the right size, and the fact is that there are many tight things in vintage. In order to solve such a short-sleeved sweatshirt problem, the wear house uses the printing technique created with the know-how of "Sekohan" while maintaining a relaxed body width and moderate length, and the slanting of the fabric, the distortion of the print, and the colorless is Vin Tage. I reproduced the exquisite size of old clothes that are not common. The cool feeling of not daring to brush the hanging knitted fabric is also a nice dress for the Japanese climate.

Hanging back hair, front use
Back...multicolor print

Size Front Length Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
Small 23" N/A 39" 11.75"
Medium 24.25" N/A 42.5" 12.5"
Large 25.625" N/A 44" 13.5"
Extra Large 26.25" N/A 46" 13.75"
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