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retaW Fragrance Lip Balm × Fragment Design WHITE

$15.00 USD

Brand retaW

Provides special care for parched lips. A fresh citrus scent and a skin-soothing blend of three essential oils and six plant extracts. Incudes squalane and vitamin E to moisturize and protect.

White: Orange and citrus uplift and revitalize, while chamomile and calendula soothe and soften parched lips.
LEWIS*: A rich key lime pie.
CELLO*: Inspired by limoncello.
WIEN*: Apple strudel and cinnamon.
The lip balm is devised to protect chapped lips against dryness, UV rays, and other environmental stresses. Moisturizing shea butter and squalane keep your lips hydrated without sticky or overly shiny residue.
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