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Engineered Garments x Totem EXCLUSIVE Over Pant - Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo

$348.00 USD

Our 3rd collaboration with Engineered Garments! The EG x Totem Over Pant. This has become one of our favorite styles from Engineered Garments. Our custom label is sewn on the back pocket. This will surely be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. 

Exclusively made for Totem.

The Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo is made in Italy by a small fabric manufacturer that Engineered Garments has worked with for years. Following a personal recommendation by a representative of the company, Daiki ordered a sample of the Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo, a large all-over floral print. 

Although not the manufacturer's intent, he spotted a camouflage pattern among the blossoms, faintly reminiscent of Switzerland’s TAZ 83 military camouflage with its vivid reds and greens. The design absorbs the viewer, weaving a playful tension between the military-style camouflage print visible from afar and the placid impressionist brushstrokes when seen up close.

The hand feel of the Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo is crisp and crunchy, providing a satisfying impression without creating excess noise. The 100% polyester makeup gives it just enough water resistance to create rainy-weather outerwear while avoiding a step into an overly technical category. 

Using this fabric was a no-brainer for Daiki. It forges a harmony between multiple contradictions: military and civilian, technical and unspecialized. Design, when powerful enough, has the ability to overcome any limitations, cracking through defined boundaries to push toward innovation. 

100% Polyester.

Made in USA

*Measurements in inches
Over Pant (X-SMALL) 32 15 1/2 12 1/2 30 11 1/2
Over Pant (SMALL) 34 16 1/4 13 31 11 5/8
Over Pant (MEDIUM) 36 17 13 1/2 31 11 3/4
Over Pant (LARGE) 38 17 3/4 14 31 11 7/8
Over Pant (X-LARGE) 40 18 1/2 14 1/2 31 12
For any measurements or sizing information please contact